Face Lift

"Tina P."

I had often looked in the mirror especially from a profile view and been very disappointed that my chin seemed to be falling into my neck – not a good look! Since I work in front of a live audience often and on television at times, I really wanted to feel good when I looked in the mirror at any angle. I decided to take care of the situation before it got worse in my later 50’s.

Enter Dr Maloney and his amazing team. From the moment I walked in the office, I felt comfortable and confident that he was the one Doctor I trusted to do my surgery. I had a lower facelift and could not be happier about it. From the day of surgery until now- I am forever grateful to Dr. Maloney, Susan and his entire professional staff.

I feel like the years have been turned back. People know something is different but aren’t sure if I had any ‘work’ done or not. They just say. ‘wow! You look great!

Thank you, Thank you Dr. Maloney.