• What is Vanquish?

    Vanquish is a revolutionary radio-frequency (RF) device that selectively heats fatty tissue for safe and effective fat reduction treatments without surgery or downtime. It is the first aesthetic RF technology to emit an electromagnetic field over a large treatment area, which allows for the safe delivery of beneficial RF energy over the mid-section of the body without the applicator panels making contact with the skin. Vanquish utilizes real-time Tissue Impedance tuning circuitry, like a radio tuner, to match the characteristics of RF energy with the particular response of the desired deep tissue layer. The advanced design of its Energy Flow ControlÔ engineering helps precisely deploy the thermal effects of RF into the deep tissue while protecting the surrounding skin layers.

    Vanquish is FDA cleared for non-surgical fat reduction of the abdomen and flanks.

    Vanquish was founded in 1993 in Prague, Czech Republic. BTL Industries designs, manufactures and sells medical equipment and today is among the world’s five largest physical therapy manufacturers.

    In 2009, BTL Aesthetics moved the company into aesthetic medicine with non-surgical devices that represent the best in skin tightening, anti-cellulite, anti-wrinkle and fat dissolve.

  • When is Vanquish used?

    Vanquish is specially designed to treat the problematic midsection area (abdomen and flanks) with precise thermal energy that selectively affects the fat cells. Vanquish is recommended for patients over the age of 21 who desire aesthetic body treatment without the cost and recovery of surgery. It is most efficacious for those up to about 10+ pounds overweight wishing to improve problem areas around the midsection where exercise and diet have plateaued.

  • What is involved at a Vanquish consultation?

    When you come in for your initial consultation, you will meet with one of our Certified Medical Laser Technicians. Maloney Plastic Surgery is one of the only practices in Tucson, AZ to offer VECTRA 3D (three-dimensional) technology to our patients. One of the first things we will do at your consultation is use VECTRA imaging technology to take a 3D image of your body. This way both you and the provider have a baseline and have pictures in which to compare the final results. Your weight, hydration level and fat percentage will also be recorded at the consultation.

    Your Certified Medical Laser Technician will review your VECTRA photographs and examine you to determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure. They will discuss details of the procedure, show you before-and-after photos and answer any questions you may have.

    If you choose to have a Vanquish performed, you will schedule to come back for the procedure. Typically Vanquish procedures are not performed the same day as your initial consultation.

  • How do I prepare for Vanquish?

    The more hydrated you are, the more effective the RF and therefore the better the final results. Drinking about a gallon of water a day is recommended for a week prior to and during your Vanquish treatments.  Typically 4 and 6 treatments are recommended about 1 week apart, depending on the individual and his/her ideal result.  Each session lasts about 60-minutes long which includes 45-minute for Vanquish plus 15 minutes of Z-Wave to break up the heated fat cells.

  • How is Vanquish performed?

    Your Vanquish technician will take some measurement and record your weight, hydration level and fat percentage each treatment. You will lay down on the bed and once you are comfortable the technician will position the Vanquish machine above you. There is virtually no pain or discomfort associated with Vanquish. There may be a feeling of sharp prickly heat, however, most people report feeling very warm. After the Vanquish treatment is complete, you technician will use the Z-Wave to assist in breaking down the fat cells more quickly.

  • What should I expect after Vanquish?

    After your Vanquish treatment you may notice some pinkness on the treated area that may last for about one to two hours. It is important for you to increase water intake to speed the metabolic process of breaking down fat and filtering the body of excess fluid and toxins.  Patients should be well hydrated before, during and for 2 days post treatment. You may feel areas of firmness after your procedure. Massage with light pressure will assist in breaking up these bumps.

  • What are the benefits of Vanquish?

    Vanquish offers several important and impressive features and benefits. It is non-invasive and non-surgical fat reduction. The Vanquish has the largest spot size, allowing for the largest treatment area in the industry. It is contact-free, meaning unlike other RF devices on the market, the Vanquish applicator does not touch skin. There is no anesthesia, pain medication or downtime required for treatment. For patients who wish to get rid of those problem areas where exercise and diet have plateaued, Vanquish is a consistent treatment option without the cost and recovery of surgery. Patients have shown lasting results when maintaining a healthy lifestyle of a smart diet and exercise regimen.

  • What are the risks of  Vanquish?

    Vanquish demonstrates outstanding safety with only mild to moderate redness and/or swelling in the treatment area, which typically resolves in one to two hours. Small areas of fat necrosis/ hard bumps are not uncommon and typically resolve with mild massage and time. The biggest risk is that of the non-responder or the patient seeing little to no result. This is not common, but this is non-invasive technology, not surgery, so if a smart diet and exercise program are not followed, the fat can and will return. Vanquish has been tested in clinical studies and proven to be safe and effective. It has been cleared by the FDA in the U.S. for deep tissue heating for use in non-surgical fat reduction procedures.  No significant side effects have been reported to date.