Why You’ll Want to Ask Your Doctor About the Halo Laser

Chances are that you’ve heard a lot of buzz lately about the Halo Laser. This hybrid fractional laser treatment is used for skin resurfacing and combines both ablative and non-ablative waves in a single treatment. Because of its unique delivery and the results that is generates, it has recently been the subject of a great deal of media attention, but is it the right treatment for you? Here are the reasons you should definitely consider having a conversation with your doctor about the Halo Laser.

Halo Laser provides dramatic results.

Over time, despite your best efforts to protect your skin, it will inevitably show signs of damage. Aging, sun exposure, acne, and a long list of other environmental factors can cause wrinkles, scars, sagging, and discoloration. Halo Laser addresses all of these problems in one treatment. The ablative, fractional laser treats the epidermis layer of the skin, erasing surface signs of skin aging. The non-ablative wavelength lifts brow spots and pigmentation issues in the skin. Combining these treatments into one laser session addresses skin damage in two ways, to provide dramatic results with minimal downtime. The specific downtime for treatment with the Halo Laser depends on the aggressiveness of treatment. Your laser technician determines the appropriate level of treatment for your needs.

Halo Laser is not the only way to get these results.

Despite the buzz about Halo, it is not the only treatment to deliver these results. By combining pro-fractional laser resurfacing treatment with broadband light, your technician can provide the same results as Halo: smoother, younger looking skin with less discoloration and more firmness. When you hear about a new treatment like Halo, discuss your treatment goals with your doctor. You may often find that the buzz about a new treatment isn’t the full story and that you could get the same results with an alternative treatment that is better suited to your needs.


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