When Should Men Get Botox?

Women have long comprised the majority of cosmetic enhancement clients, but men are starting to catch up. In fact, Botox for men is now considered mainstream, with Hall of Famer athlete Deion Sanders signing on to become a spokesman for the brand. There are many reasons why men might consider getting Botox. If you’re starting to think about it, just make sure you go to a qualified provider. Botox is a medical cosmetic treatment, and as such, needs to be administered by a professional with the right training, education, and expertise.

To Give Themselves a Career Boost

Employers aren’t legally allowed to discriminate against current employees or potential hires based on age. But let’s face it: In actuality, people really do let their subconscious judgments get the better of them. This is especially true in tech fields like cybersecurity, where younger candidates are often viewed as being more technologically savvy. If a man’s climb up the corporate ladder starts to stall or he’s back in the job marketplace, he might start to think about gaining a competitive edge by getting Botox treatments to temporarily smooth those pesky wrinkles.

To Get Back into the Dating Scene

Many men found it hard enough to navigate the dating scene when they were in their 20s. Older guys who are recently separated or divorced often find it even more difficult to jump back into it. It’s hard for a man to feel relaxed and carefree on a date when he’s worried about whether his date is staring at his wrinkles. Plus, looking older often makes men look more tired and less energetic. For guys who need that extra edge to find that special someone, Botox can definitely help.

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