What to Expect with a Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, can help to sculpt and tone the abdominal area following pregnancy or significant weight loss. However, before you start looking forward to the results of surgery, it’s important to know exactly what to expect from this procedure. Here at Maloney Plastic Surgery, we spend a little extra time with our patients to help them feel confident and informed going into their aesthetic procedures. Here’s a look at some basics you should know about tummy tuck surgery

Before Surgery

Three weeks before your procedure, you will return to the office for a pre-operative consultation with Dr. Maloney to review the surgical process and check in with your current health and wellness. You may be instructed to stop taking certain medications or supplements prior to your procedure. You will not be able to eat or drink anything after midnight the day of your procedure for your safety during anesthesia.

On the Day of Surgery

During your surgery, you will be under general anesthesia, so you’ll be asleep during the procedure itself. Surgery can take anywhere from 2-6 hours, depending on how much tissue needs to be removed. You will be given medication to numb the abdominal muscles for about 72 hours after surgery. The tightening of the abdominal muscles following surgery is the most uncomfortable part of the procedure, so this long-acting medication will help you through the process. You can go home the same day of your surgery under the care of a friend or relative.  

During Recovery 

You’ll need lots of rest following your surgery. However, it is still important to walk around and move for short periods at regular intervals to prevent the formation of blood clots. You will need to wear a compression garment for several days to reduce swelling and bruising. Your post-surgical follow up will take place within 3 days of your surgery, but you may need to take it easy for several weeks as the abdominal muscles fully heal. 

Under the care of Dr. Christopher Maloney at Maloney Plastic Surgery, you can expect a personalized approach to your surgical care. Our team will work to leave no question unanswered at every phase of your care from your initial consult to your surgical follow-up. To schedule a consultation in our Tucson plastic surgery practice, call (520) 298-2330.