Restore Your Confidence with Diamond Glow

If you’ve been eagerly awaiting to return to the med spa for the facial skincare that helps you look your best, a Diamond Glow facial may be just the fix to restore your confidence and revitalize your skin. Diamond Glow is more than your average facial. It is a deeply hydrating microdermabrasion treatment and infusion therapy that helps restore skin from within. 

How Diamond Glow Works 

Diamond Glow begins with an optional dermaplaning step to fully prepare the skin by safely removing dead skin cells, dirt, and oils from the surface. Then, the Diamond Glow device manually exfoliates the skin while administering an infusion solution that delivers vital nutrients and moisturizers to the deeper layers of the skin. Because the infusion targets skin layers that are normally not addressed during a traditional facial, results can be dramatic. You’ll see brighter, softer, more even skin for a distinctive youthful glow. 

Why Patients Love It

Patients love the Diamond Glow procedure because it’s simple, non-invasive, and quick. In just a single treatment, you can transform the appearance and health of your skin—plus you can continue getting treatments to keep your skin looking its best. Diamond Glow is appropriate for almost all patients from those looking for a little “rejuvenation” in their 20s and 30s to those seeking intensive skin hydration to supplement other medi-spa treatments to reverse age-related damage. 

What to Know Before Your Diamond Glow Procedure

Diamond Glow is safe and low risk for most patients. However, you will want to inform your skincare technician if you have sensitive skin prior to the procedure. In addition, you should not have Diamond Glow performed if you have a sunburn, open lesions, or any other damaged skin on the face. If you use any products containing Retin-A, discontinue use for at least one day before your Diamond Glow procedure. 

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