Questions to Ask During Your Breast Lift Consultation

If you have noticed significant changes to the shape, size, and perkiness of your breasts as you’ve gotten older, had children, or lost a substantial amount of weight, you may be thinking about getting a breast lift, or mastopexy. This surgery is a common choice for women who have lost confidence as their bodies undergo certain changes, such as a loss of skin elasticity and a reduction in muscle and ligament strength. You won’t know, however, if it’s ideal for your needs until you visit an experienced plastic surgeon for a personalized consultation to discuss the surgery. When you see your doctor to plan a breast lift, you should ask the following essential questions.

How should I prepare for surgery and recovery?
Your preparation before surgery will largely be focused on planning for a successful recovery. You may need to check in with your general physician and discuss any medications you are taking to know if you need to stop before surgery. If you smoke, consider quitting to reduce the chances of complications. You should also be sure to enlist a trusted friend or relative to help you out with personal care and chores in the first few days of your surgical recovery.

Should I consider breast implants too?
Many women who choose to have a breast lift will also opt for breast implants, because the breasts are prone to losing volume over time. The goal with implants will be to restore your natural proportions for a more youthful appearance, though they are not always necessary for beautiful results.

How long can I expect results to last?
The answer to this question can vary depending on your age and body type, but your doctor can still help you establish some realistic expectations so that you know how your results may hold up over time. Your surgeon can also offer tips on maintaining your new figure with different lifestyle choices, such as watching your weight and exercising to build the back and chest muscles that support the breasts.

When you are considering any type of plastic surgery, you should seek the most qualified surgeon for your care, not the one with the lowest price tag. Maloney Plastic Surgery upholds the highest standards for patient safety and satisfaction, so call them at (520) 298-2330 to schedule your consultation.