Face Lift


I had always looked younger than my years. Then, as I moved through my 60’s, age and sun damage began to catch up with me, resulting in sagging and crepey facial skin. Finally, as I approached my 69th year of age, I searched online for a plastic surgeon in whom I could have confidence to help repair the effects of aging. An extensive review of plastic surgeons in the Tucson area led me to Dr. Christopher Maloney. I was impressed with his educational background, training, extensive experience, reviews, and recognition and decided to move forward with him. He gave me an appropriate recommendation, given my age and facial characteristics, for a full facelift and laser resurfacing, which have allowed me to recapture much of my more youthful look. I am most pleased with the outcome. I am still me with now softer smile lines (afterall, I was voted class smiler in high school way back when), but the crepey skin is gone and my face looks alive, rested, and more youthful. The end result has given me a new lease on life, for which I am grateful.