Face Lift


After 8 years of caring for my terminally ill husband and then caregiving for my 94-year-old Mom, my poor face and hands had taken quite the beating.  I was 64 but the eyes and jowls said that I was much older.  The eyes had bags and festoons underneath, the loose skin on the upper lids looked atrocious and the jowls along the jawline were different.  I soon finally admitted to myself that I wanted people only to see me from my left side…..that was so ridiculous!

Immediately I knew I would now call Dr. Christopher Maloney Jr’s.  office and schedule my consultation. I had first seen him four years prior but was unable to have any procedures done as I was caregiving and also working full time.  No time to take care of the caregiver….as the saying goes.

My sister, our cousin and our best family friend went ahead and had themselves ‘freshened’  and when I saw their own results it was absolutely incredible how they now looked!  NO ONE even suspects what we all had done because Dr. Maloney makes the results so very subtle. Thank you Dr. Maloney and your wonderful staff for turning back the aging clock on my face, eyes, neck, and hands….you all have an amazing God-given ability and talent and I will forever be grateful to you all.