Face Lift


‘Thank God, I’m back!’ Dr. Maloney is your man for a better looking you! Lift, tone, brighten and tighten for a younger outlook, with Dr. Maloney, board certified, Plastic Surgeon.

Here is my story: Before Dr. Maloney, I looked in the mirror and saw a very attractive… Shar-Pei. If you have not seen one of these dogs, they are adorable, and well, wrinkled. Okay, well, I was not that wrinkly, and I wasn’t a dog, and I did feel as young as a thirty year old, and yet at fifty-nine, I had spent the price of a facelift, in creams. I knew it was time…

Now? Hurray! After a few weeks of very painful after recovery, [surgery not painful and you get to stay awake with a cocktail to die for,] now at five weeks, no one can tell I had a facelift and laser treatment…. even my mother, I didn’t tell her. My husband loves the results of my surgery because it looks natural. [You are very red, swollen, and whiney at first… husband waits on you, it’s fabulous.]

Dr. Maloney is truly an artist. I was a cosmetologist for twenty-five years. You can train a thousand hairstylists, and two of them will go on to be champions. Dr. Maloney is a champion in his field. He is a surgeon you can trust, with your simile! Dr. Maloney’s staff, joyfully assist and nurses are gentle, goal oriented and kind.

When a person is looking for a plastic surgeon, it is important to find a qualified doctor who will naturally enhance your looks. This is a very delicate skill. Putting your face in someone’s hands is not easy but I’m so glad I had you perform my facelift and laser treatment. As you’ll see, I’ve got you pretty far up on a pedestal now, so I expect you to stay there! Ha! Actually, you and your staff were Angels.

There were some terrific little side effects of this surgery, too. I’m sure every person’s face is unique and with my facelift, I am really happy that not only is my overall skin tighter, the skin around my ears is tighter, no wrinkles. My earlobe is tighter next to my skin so my earring hangs better on the left side. The neck lift part of the facelift seems to also have created a smoother effect on my decolletage area making it appear firmer.

I’m not gonna lie, the recovery for this surgery was not a walk in the park but I quickly began seeing results and I’m feeling great, now only two months since surgery. My face and neck look toned and smooth and most of all I love the natural results and tight jawline.

Dr. Maloney, I would love to see the stigma that many people have with sharing this surgery with family and friends, be lifted. I feel it should be as natural to have one’s appearance improved in this way than any other self-improvement service by a professional. And yet, people have been inundated with Hollywood horror stories and botch job scares. Credentials may look good, but how do I know if my surgery is going to turn out great, is the fear most have. This letter is to help people choose wisely.

I must admit, I have told no one about my surgery, except my husband. The great thing is… no one knows anyway. People just say ‘you look great, or, did I do something different with my hair?

The recovery is uncomfortable. And if one anyone says it feels like a really bad sunburn, add times a hundred. And if any sunburn ever makes you have to take prescription painkillers, you got a bad sunburn. ):

Dr. Maloney, you did your part. You are an artist. Excellent. Five stars. But it hurts, even with painkillers and it looks terrible for the first week… but in a month everyone throws flower petals at your feet. Tee hee…. I love it, the is the pain is over, my face looks great and besides, my husband watered the flowers, filled all the bird feeders and even got us dinner for a couple weeks!

I felt after you did such an outstanding job, it was now my part, for a successful surgery all the way around, to stay as positive and trusting in you and the process with your staff as possible. I did stay positive and I couldn’t be happier with my results. Your staff was truly stellar in the aftercare in which my skin and face healed very quickly. A special thanks to your nurse, Cynthia, who was a true comfort and so kind.

I hope that this letter finds its way into the hands of many who would like to read a letter from one of your patients who is thrilled with her results.

Dr. Maloney, thank you so much. I’m sure I will be having other services in the future. Many of the complementary products you give to take home after surgery are great and I will continue to purchase them from you. A flat tummy might be next.

Wanting to check it out, but scared? Don’t be. As close to perfect as you’ll get, Dr. Maloney is your person for a sigh of relief and the beautiful face you’ve been dreaming of.

With deepest gratitude,
59 years old.
Tucson, AZ.