Face Lift


I am headed for the big “6-0”, and although I have always taken care of my skin, my jawline and neck were starting to sag. I felt older when I looked in the mirror each morning.  Realizing my skincare regimen was not enough to make the improvements I wanted, I decided to do something to feel better about how I looked. I was ready. I knew Dr. Maloney’s work very well and there was no doubt he was the surgeon I wanted to do my face lift. He was informative and made me feel comfortable and confident in my decision to have the procedure done. I elected to have my procedure under local sedation in the office. I am a nurse and have worked in the operating room for many years so I was very pleased Dr. Maloney offered this option. The procedure was as easy as getting my teeth cleaned at the dentist. Yes, really…it was that easy. I had some discomfort that evening, but nothing that one pain pill couldn’t  relieve. I was able to return to work on Monday (I had my facelift done on a Friday). I  used makeup to cover the bruising on my neck; swelling was minimal. About eight weeks after the procedure I went back home to visit some of my family. Everyone said I looked great, but no one knew what was different.  I told many of my friends and they said “you didn’t need a face lift”, but when I showed them my pre-face lift photos they could see the difference and why I wanted the procedure done. Now they all want it done! The results are everything I wanted; beautiful and NATURAL. My jowls are gone, my neck is smooth and I have an awesome jaw line. Now I look in the mirror and I am invigorated by the “refreshed me”. I know I look as good as I feel and that is a truly rewarding feeling. My only regret is not doing it a few years sooner. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Maloney’s skill level and professionalism. Thank you Dr. Maloney for giving me back “me”.