Face Lift


A couple of years ago while getting ready for a party I realized there was no point to even attempt to apply eye make-up; my upper eyelids were folding over covering it anyways. It was then when I made decision to have my first plastic surgery procedure. I was very nervous, but Dr. Maloney and his staff made me feel at ease at every step; from the consultation to the surgery day, I knew I had chosen the right surgeon.

One hour prior to the procedure, I took a muscle relaxer as prescribed. I arrived at the office thinking and feeling that the muscle relaxer was not working at all; I was beyond nervous at this point. Susan, Dr. Maloney’s assistant, took me to the procedure room and I instantly felt calm just being around her. Shortly after Dr. Maloney came in; I remember him telling me that he was going to mark where the incisions would be. Then next thing I remember is Dr. Maloney telling me that we were done; I guess the muscle relaxer worked after all.

Immediately after the procedure I had profractional laser on my lower lids which helped tighten the skin on my lower lids. The recovery from both procedures was very easy. I was swollen for about 3 to 4 days, mostly from the profractional procedure. On day 5, I had my sutures taken out and I was able to mask the little bruising I had with make-up; yes, I was applying make-up to my eyes again; I was so happy.  On that day, I even went to a Christmas party; I was feeling fantastic.

I am now almost two years out and I am very happy with the way my eyes turned out. Thank you, Dr. Maloney and Maloney Plastic Surgery Staff.