Modern Facelifts: Not Your Mother’s Plastic Surgery

What do you picture when you think of facelifts? If you imagine an intensive surgical procedure, followed by weeks in hiding for results that look obvious and unnatural, then you might be surprised just how much times have changed. Today’s facelifts have nothing in common with facelifts of the past. They can be done with much more precision, so that your recovery is faster and your results look natural. Here is a look at how facelifts have changed over the years.


Less Invasive Procedures

Today, there are multiple surgical approaches that can be used to perform a facelift. As surgical procedures for facelifts have evolved, it has become possible for plastic surgeons to take a more precise approach to addressing your specific needs. For example, a short-scar facelift can target lines and wrinkles in people who don’t have excess skin they want to get rid of, while a mid-face or cheek lift addresses aging around the middle of the face in people who aren’t concerned about aging on their necks. The ability to take these targeted approaches to facelifts means that procedures can be significantly less invasive and extensive than in the past. Most modern facelifts are so minimally invasive that they can be performed under local anesthesia.


Faster Recovery

Facelifts have a reputation for persistent post-surgery bruising, swelling, and pain. In the past, this was true, but today’s facelifts are different. Because technology and techniques have evolved, the recovery period is faster and much more comfortable. The usual recovery time is anywhere between 10 days to three weeks.


Better Results

Modern facelifts simply look better than facelifts in the past. Today, plastic surgeons don’t simply pull the skin back as tightly as possible. Instead, they use a combination of tightening, sculpting, and plumping, to create a youthful, natural appearance. Today’s facelifts last longer than those in the past as well, thanks to these renewed treatment approaches.


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