How Submental Lipo Can Help You Stop Dreading a Double Chin 

If attending video meetings on Zoom has you feeling a little self-conscious about the contour of your chin and neck, submental liposuction may be the right procedure to help boost your confidence. At Maloney Plastic Surgery, we already have seen an increased demand for this surgical procedure in our office in the dawn of the current work from home trend. If you want to ensure that you always look your best on your webcam, read on for a closer look at this popular procedure. 

Reduces excess chin and neck fat. 

Submental liposuction specifically targets fat deposits just under the chin, along the jawline, and in the neck. These areas are notoriously hard to sculpt, even with a strict diet and exercise routine—there just aren’t many exercises that can target the chin. Unfortunately, we simply can’t choose where fat settles in our bodies. Submental liposuction removes fat cells, so you can achieve a more pleasing contour in the lower face and neck. Never again will you dread your next video call with your boss or an important client.  

Provides natural, long-lasting results. 

As with any liposuction procedure, submental liposuction can last for many years with the right aftercare. Following a balanced diet and getting regular physical activity is essential for keeping up your results. 

Heals quickly with low downtime. 

While submental liposuction is a surgical procedure, it doesn’t have extensive downtime. Modern liposuction procedures are gentler and less invasive, so you will likely be back to most of your normal activities within a week. However, you may have some swelling and tenderness in the treated area for a few days. 

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