Get the Answers to Your Questions About Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is one of the world’s most popular plastic surgery procedures. This extremely effective surgery can change your appearance and even help you breathe better. It is considered to be safe for a majority of patients, and the results can last a lifetime. If you are considering getting rhinoplasty—also known as a nose job—there is a good chance you have a lot of questions about what to expect. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions that patients have.

What exactly is a rhinoplasty?

During rhinoplasty, your plastic surgeon can reshape your nose, making three-dimensional changes to its structure. Some people opt for this kind of procedure because of an underlying structural issue that is interfering with their breathing, such as a deviated septum, while others have it purely for aesthetic reasons. Whatever the reason you want rhinoplasty, the results can be subtle with a few minor adjustments, or your surgeon can perform a significant reconstruction to dramatically change the way your nose looks.

Can any plastic surgeon perform a rhinoplasty?

Although any plastic surgeon has the training to perform a rhinoplasty, it is best to choose an experienced surgeon. Sculpting the nose can be complex, and experienced surgeons have the skill to get the best possible results. Talk to your surgeon about how many procedures he or she has done and if they will be using any 3D imaging tools, like Vectra Imaging, to show you what you should expect from the procedure.

How long is the recovery?

For the first few days, you will sleep with your head elevated to reduce swelling and bruising. It takes about three weeks for the worst of the swelling to subside, but your final results may not be apparent for up to nine months. The splint and packing in your nose will be removed about five days after surgery. The surgeon will tell you when you can return to work. Most patients stay home for one to two weeks.

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