Am I a Good Candidate for Broad Band Light?

 Broad Band Light, or BBL, photofacials are popular skincare treatments among Tucson residents, who often deal with dark spots and pigmentation issues due to prolonged sun exposure. Because BBL treatment is non-invasive and relatively gentle on the skin, it is an accessible treatment for a wide variety of patients. Individuals in their 30s might consider treatment as a preventive measure to keep the skin looking bright and youthful, while those in their 60s may implement BBL to revitalize the skin and restore the essence of youth. If you meet the following qualifications, you are likely a good candidate for a BBL Photofacial. 

You are unhappy with your skin tone and texture. 

If you have noticed that your complexion appears duller and darker than it used to, this is simply a sign that you’re getting older. However, BBL can help to reactivate brighter skin pigments and deactivate those darker, duller pigments that make you look older. Patients may need to receive anywhere between 2 and 4 BBL treatments, depending on their age and level of pigmentation. 

You have dark spots or red spots you want to eliminate. 

BBL doesn’t just brighten the skin, it also targets dark spots and red spots to eliminate them as the skin heals from treatment. Spots will turn dark within 3-5 days of the procedure and fall away from the skin. You should avoid picking at these areas as the skin repairs itself.   

You have avoided recent sun exposure. 

A BBL treatment, can be unsafe to perform if you have had recent sun exposure or if your skin is tan. Therefore, it’s recommended that you reduce sun exposure for about two weeks prior to each photofacial session. 

The best way to learn if BBL is truly the right treatment for you is by contacting Maloney Plastic Surgery for a consultation in our practice. You can reach us at (520) 298-2330 for an appointment.